What is Life Cover?
Life cover pays your family a tax free lump sum in the event of your death. In thinking about how much life cover you might need you should consider;

1. What level of income would your family need to replace the income your are earning
2. How long would they need that income for?
3. Do you have any loans that would need to be cleared?

In addition, life cover can protect small businesses against the financial impact of the death of a shareholder or a key employee

ASFA can help you asses these needs and to put a plan in place to achieve your objectives.

What is a Pension?
A pension is a long term savings plan that allows you to build up a nest egg from which you draw an income when you retire. Pensions have significant tax advantages when compared to other types of savings options, making them very attractive.

There are various different types of pension plans and arrangements, but essentially they all do the same thing – provide you with an income when you can no longer earn one.

Our experience is that many people have stopped funding their pensions due to affordability, and have left valuable pension benefits behind with their former employer.
  • What benefits do you already have place?
  • Who is in control of your pension?
  • Do you know where your funds are invested?
Our pension planning process involves;
1. Agreeing retirement objectives ( date, income ,needs,)
2. Researching the correct structure (meets needs and is tax efficient / cost effective)
3. Agreeing investment strategy to match your risk profile.
4. Ongoing review of needs / circumstances change/increase in disposable income/ Legislation/review performance

“A Pension is a Tax effective method of extracting cash from a Business and using it to secure future income.”

We have the expertise to advise on the options available to you and which is best suited to your needs.

What is Serious Illness Cover?
Serious Illness Cover pays out a tax free lump sum on diagnosis of one of a list of specified life changing illnesses and medical conditions, such as Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

It is vital that you protect your financial health against the impact of serious illness. If you were diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered;
  • Could you continue to pay your mortgage?
  • Could you continue to work?
  • Could you continue to pay your normal household bills e.g. electricity, heating, groceries?
Did you know that you are four times likely to suffer one of the conditions covered before age 65 than to die (source; Irish Life)

What is Income Protection?
Income Protection pays you a regular monthly income if you can’t work due to illness or injury. This replaces some of your regular income, helping you pay bills, loans, whatever matters the most.

Protecting your income gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you maintain your standard of living on suffering a long term illness or injury which prevents you from working.

The cost of Income Protection is reduced by the availability of tax relief on contributions.

Did you know;
  • Employers aren’t obliged to pay for extended sick leave and the State Illness Benefit is minimal at €188 per week, or €312.80 with an adult dependent (source; Irish Life).
  • Statistics show that a thirty year old person is more likely to be off work due to illness or injury for a long period than to die before they reach the age of 65 (source; Irish Life)

As a policy we always come to visit you in the environment that suits you best. Our consultation times are flexible and we’ll always aim to accommodate your schedule.

I recently had my life assurance/pension reviewed for Catherine and myself. To cut a long story short, he got us much better cover for the same amount I was already paying and saved us lots of money on some savings /other plans too. Derek Curry Work Space Interiors
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