We attempt to make the process as simple as possible for all our clients. The first step is to sign a ‘letter of authority’ which allows us contact the life companies on your behalf. No more digging through old files trying to find your plan documents.

We will then provide you with a summary of all your existing Plans. Our experience tells us that many clients forget what or why they have bought, or most importantly underestimate the impact of cover if they become seriously ill, suffered premature death or where retiring today. Many have lost control of their Pension Fund.

By reviewing we will be able to ensure that your plans adequately protected you, your business and your family in the event of premature death or serious illness whilst ensuring that your plans are cost effective.

To avail of this review, or indeed any aspect of our financial services, please contact us at:

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When it comes to your financial planning we never rush your decision. We understand it takes time, to find the right plan for your future needs and we’re in the business of building relationships.

I recently had my life assurance/pension reviewed for Catherine and myself. To cut a long story short, he got us much better cover for the same amount I was already paying and saved us lots of money on some savings /other plans too. Derek Curry Work Space Interiors
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