ASFS was established in 2009 to meet the needs of many individuals, the self employed and business people. We believe that in any dealings with potential clients, their experience should be advice and needs driven, not product driven. We in ASFS consider ourselves as advice facilitators and have forged links with experts in various financial fields to support our clients (lending, taxation, investments)

The team in ASFS has found that many people over the last 10 to 15 years started various plans, policies and investments to suit one particular need only rather than seeking the correct independent advice.

Our experience is that many of these individuals and businesses are ‘fed up’ with lack of information and understanding of what they bought and more importantly the benefits of these plans. There is a need for advice more than ever.

We provide two key Services, Tidy Up My Cover and Tidy Up My Pensions.

These services are not about buying more or paying more, it's about providing you, your family and your business security through sound financial advice.

You may already have policies in place and are paying out too much to insurance companies, or have stopped funding your pensions due to affordability. Perhaps, you have lost touch with your advisor, or feel you’re pension is disappearing into oblivion due to lack information and service?

Well, we support you by gathering up-to-date information on all your plans and provide you with a simple report that helps you understand and plan your financial situation, if something serious were to happen.

Our goal is to provide you, your family and your business security through sound financial advice. We want our clients for life.

The pension calculator on this website is based upon a calculator built by Irish Life. It is designed to provide guideline indicators for pensions. It is recommended that you speak to your broker before buying any financial product.

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Assie Sattar has been in the financial services industry since 1987, in that time he has managed, trained and coached sales professionals to enable them to maximise their business potential.

“Assie has provided my partner and myself with excellent support on both our current and future financial security. I would be happy to recommend Assie to my friends, family and colleagues. ” NIAMH MURPHY, MCCABES PHARMACY
Assie Sattar t/a Assie Sattar Financial Services, Tidy up my Pensions and Tidy up my Cover is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.